Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Frida Kahlo's Deer

Image via Art is Joy

The latest poem for Robert Brewer's Poem a day challenge. I loved this prompt. Poetry and art history together--how could it get better?

I run forever free
I run forever pinned to a page
By arrows of this sorrowing
World. I never shall be
Truly great. I'm caged
Within a box of pain
And shutters of a
Women's life. However
I furrow my brow in thought
I lack the antlers, thrust
And gait of Diego de
Rivera's work. Never mind.
I put my colors
On the page and there
Create a second life.
I run forever pinned to a page
I run forever free.


ArtCritic686 said...

you just wrote about someone elses art work, i suggest you be a little more original if you expect to make it anywhere in NYC. . .

ArtCritic686 said...

i just realized you contradict yourself in an attempt to sound insightful, you are "pinned" but you are "free". So are you free or pinned down? I dont believe you even know yourself what you are, its obvious. Try writing off your own ideas and experiences, rather than some other artist's piece of work, your poems will be more true to you and ultimately youll just produce better poems.