Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Pink Shoe Economic View

Image via Tara

I have spent too much time this week surfing the news and should be prepared to pundit knowledgeably. But instead my views on the economy go something like this:

Down baby down. 777? Is that all you can do? Yay, 800. Okay, absorb the rate cut and then head further south. Oh my gosh I'm so thrilled that the economy is going down, I'm so thrilled. What better use could be found for Obama's soothing voice? It will be perfect coming out of a radio in a room where the heat and electricity have been cut off. And how else are we going to realize that the money we have been spending isn't free, but Chinese? And how else are the world's brilliant minds to be persuaded to do something besides stroke algorithms. Geez people go--discover a new a new world or something. Write poetry. Study sweet peas. As much as I enjoy cheap thrills, this could get old.

See. This is why I should write about poetry and not economics. I need to stop surfing the news and instead read something deep and obscure. I'm thinking Goethe?


ArabidopsisGirl said...

Read Polanyi with us!

Me, with my practical mind...I had the opposite, more conventional reaction looking at the economy and the job market and how those two are hitting lows just when we're finally striking out on our own. I turned off NPR in my car and now I play Blackmore's Night and dream about my old obsession: truly understanding reality.

Anonymous said...

One person's crash and burn is another's dance and sing. You're a tonic in dark times, PS!

Anonymous said...

things feel more hopeful now. so back to the stuff i put off- like real writing. just start with one good sentence...then another...and another.