Thursday, May 29, 2008

Pink Shoe Plans for the next 6 Months

Image via Beauty Daily

Come June it will be 6 months since I've moved to NYC. So far, I've completed an internship job at a photography gallery, started this blog, and I am now working at New York's oldest department store. Never mind that I was termed the the world's worst seller of art by my boss at the gallery. Never mind that that my current co-workers are mostly without college degrees. Never mind that this blog has a resounding readership of 0. In the interest of moving on, I'll call it an fabulous start.

But... in the next 6 months I want to do so, so much more. Namely:

-get an awesome full-time job
-get my very own NYC apartment (currently living with my molecular cell biologist Aunt and her very smart poodle)
-write at least 5 poems a month
-get a poem published somewhere
-start a collection of poetry books by contemporary poets
-take the GMAT
-sign up for a triathlon

Now, I am a quiet, slow person and the only thing I really excel at in life is staring out a window. It is hard to get myself motivated to do anything. So... this is where the pink shoes come in. On completing each one of these goals, I'm going to reward myself with a pair of pink shoes. That should take care of the motivation. Waitttt. That's a lot of pink shoes (7 pairs). In the interest of variation, I'll consider substituting an equally fun and glamorous item that I would not otherwise consider. Like perfume in a pink bottle. Or a pink camera. Or a spa day with pink nails. I'll post updates on each event, I promise. :)

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