Saturday, May 31, 2008

The Ultimate Starters List in Contemporary Poetry

I stood in front of the Barns and Noble poetry section for 15 minutes during my lunch break today. And wasn't motivated to buy anything. Most of the poets were old, for one thing (nothing wrong with that but I already have a bunch of anthologies from high-school and the library). Most of the books were bound in black, or greeny-gray. There were two ocher-yellow bound books. Common, tell me there is another poetry-lover out there who also loves pink!

Anyways, for starting my collection of Poetry Books by Contemporary Authors I'm going to abandon Barnes and Nobles. Instead I'll start out with a bunch of books I've discovered and become enthused about through blogging. I'm too sleepy to hunt them down now, but check back later for my starters list. And of course please feel free to post suggestions for your own ultimate starters list in contemporary poetry books!


Yay! Justin Evans has well-chosen ideas for starters. I'll add those to the bunch of books I've been mulling over getting. Oddly enough one of them is Justin's. I've been reading his blog.

Two books I heard about via Robert Brewer's blog:
Spare Change, by Kevin Pilkington because he writes about NYC and life in a lucid way I wish I could.
The Amputee's Guide to Sex, by Jillian Weise because she sounds utterly new (and just cause).
Lawrence Joseph's Into It because he's on my lawyer list--thanks Jilly!
Justin's Gathering up the Scattered Leaves because I like his blog.


I will decide which books to order first later. I'm sleepy again. Retail does that to you.


Justin Evans said...

Theories of Falling by Sandra Beasley

Prairie Fever by Mary Biddinger

What's Written on the Body by Peter Pereira

A History of the Garden by Katharine Coles (a little older from 1997)

So Quietly the Earth by David Lee

Tara said...