Monday, July 14, 2008

Borders on 59th Street Columbus Circle

Images via Tara

I adore bookstores. Where else you can travel around the world by turning a corner?

She was really into it. I wish I'd asked her where she was going. Oh wait, I think I know ::studies book and map:: Germany.

What's hot in the magazines.

Power of Art.

Starbucks moment.

Two awesome kids. They were reading the books aloud to each other with vivid commentary. One thing I couldn't help noticing is how the kid on the left is looking up at the picture of the black man on the cover of the book. It reminds me of the whole controversy over the Vogue cover which depicted LeBron James giving a power roar. At the time, I thought the controversy was over hyped. But looking at that little kid, I might have to re-think my position.


Dick said...

I have happy recollections of warmth, conviviality and my very first Moleskine notebook in a very snowy NYC! Thanks for the reminder.

Razorwire said...

Hey, Pink Shoes!

Did you get the e-mail I sent ya?

And that guy the little boy is looking at...."float like a butterfly ,sting like a bee."


Anonymous said...

Your image in the window:
You are beautiful.
Your self-image in your mind:
It entices my imagination.

Now I must read your poetry.

Love. Yours, The Red Rooster.