Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Art in Action Window

Image via Tara

Why, why, why, am I still up? I am going to regret this, seriously regret this, as I worked late shift tonight and am working early shift tomorrow. But somewhere I must fit poetry in. And that's why I'm still up.


Anonymous said...

I have left footprints
throughout your blog
sniffing for truffles
like a big fat pink hog

And found aplenty

Experiencing a funny faint
glowing endearing feeling

Your Red Rooster

Anonymous said...

You Amerikans are a funny lot.
Optimism in the face of doom vs.
European: Pessimism in the face
of happiness.
You make my day, Pinky.
Some time ago I visited Manhattan.
Had a wonderful time. I'll have to
rediskover it again. Although I'm
"in-to" emeralds, I have a scientific inclinazion; but poetry?
Without rhyme?
Perhabs, give me time and I will be
fine. I only had time to skip around a little bit. I will tick
deeper soon. Van Koonig, the shy

Tara said...

Thank you both for stopping by!