Sunday, July 13, 2008

Whoa, whoa, whoa

I know, I know, I know. Where have I been going so fast? I'm sleeepy tonight. But must stop and give a passing bit of affection to this blog. It's half-way through July already!

Actually, things have not been going as badly as these past 8 days of blogging silence might suggest. I've been focused on work. And have written up a "spec" piece which I plan soon to be waving at various on-line magazines in hopes of tracking down free-lance work. And I've actually had the gumption to send out a bunch of poems to on-line journals.

I also have a sudden new belief. I'm possessed by the idea that organization is the key to all success. This would seem to bode dimly for me. Lack of organization characterizes everything I do. It's tantamount to the way I write poetry--tripping on ideas strewn across the floor, walking in through the wrong door, catching the wrong train, obsessing over the wrong idea.

But I think like most things, if you want to excel, you need to possess both sides of all equations. Be impossibly social and solitary. Traditional and cutting edge. Imaginative and grounded. Navigate both organization and disorganization. Yes I'm citing Csikszentmihalyi. So far, I've got disorganization down. And lately, my organization kick has resulted in me stacking up my books and papers, laying my clothes out for tomorrow, and finding time to go for a run. Woot!

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Douglas said...

Woot Back!

Organization is a good thing quarterly. It's akin to a bull or bear market. Gotta sleep or be buncombe.

Your photos are fun.