Thursday, July 3, 2008

Stripes in my Mind, Part 2

Image via Tara

I got a camera! It is possibly the cheapest camera on earth, and I paid way too much for it. But am as happy as if it were Canon. I have been taking photographs in my mind for forever. Here they are in real life for the first time! :)

I knew immediately what I wanted to photograph first. The Louis Vuitton Store on 5th Ave. I am not terribly obsessed with Louis Vuitton bubbles themselves. But I've always been intrigued the way the store teamed up with artist Takashi Murakami. And the way the store windows are themselves a work of art.

I did not realize there was a mirror behind the florescent tubes until I started taking pictures. So the picture at the very top of the page is my first, unwitting, self-portrait.


Anonymous said...

excellent photographs. especially the first one. it seems poignant somehow, but happy.

"the best photographs are made, not taken." - ansel adams

Anonymous said...

I love your self-portrait. The position of your hands around the camera is very expressive.

I think I want to move to the city too.

Dick said...

Good pics on your cheapo camera. Intensified my wish to get back to NYC as soon as possible.