Friday, August 29, 2008

dead ends and weekends

Some pics to keep things going. I'm in the middle of a six day work week after a one day weekend and have decided I'm at a dead end in so many places. I'll reflect on such cheerful topics until my next weekend, when I have many wonderful posts planned.

pics via Tara


ArabidopsisGirl said...

Call me this evening?

A post of yours a while back keeps recurring to me:

My latest theory about art is that its value and appeal is inextricably linked to beauty. Perhaps that's why so many of us have trouble seeing connections in those piles of cans they have in the modern art museums.

My other theory is that good art must be unaffected and therefore hard to create around philosophical concepts. I bet the cave painters of 10,000 BC were thinking about breakfast when they did their work, not whether their creation was going to be the next big fad.

The more I think about art, the more intangible and impossible it seems as a concept. I'd like to see you talk about it more in your blog.

Gunner Sykes said...

I think you might like this:

Might be a good place to extend your work.