Monday, August 11, 2008


Image via Tara

I decided to try my hand at portrait photography. Or rather, I got up the spunk to walk up to someone and ask to take their photograph. Actually, I just couldn't get over this elderly gentleman's combination of white shirt, zany hat, sketchbook, chess table, and coffee mug. I wish I'd figured out a way to work the light better (it started raining shortly after I took the shot). But he gave me his views on art: "You're not an artist unless you promote your work" and on writing: "You're not a writer unless you write." Which I guess is not bad for a rainy day's insight. :)


Justin Evans said...

I admire you for being able to do that. I have the hardest time approaching strangers to take their picture.

Douglas said...

I hate to have my picture taken so there is no way I'd ask another, but,like Justin wrote, you're pretty gutsy. You can enhance the photo by way of software. You think that cheating? I don't.

Gunner said...

There is a spontaneity in your work that I find refreshing. It is honest. Keep writing.