Thursday, August 7, 2008

shop art

Images via Tara

I have become addicted to shop window photography. To justify this addiction, I need to start gathering material for a long, academic, dreadfully boring article on how the art of museums is dead and the real art is being produced in commercially driven store front windows. Or, I could just go out and take more pictures.


Douglas said...

You could do both.


Anonymous said...

The art isn't in the windows;
it's in your mind's eye via that
cheap camara of yours: very well
Make sure you collect them "on
paper" and a selection of them
frame them, with critic attached.
I'll buy them early on, when I
perhaps be able to afford them...
Keep rolling, filming and critic-
ing. RR

Anonymous said...


Blow up your photos to window size
on transparencies (lit from the
back) with poems apropos. And for
some of the poems you wrote, create
apropos photos. And always have
your image be part of it, even if
you have to carry along a sliver
of a mirror (a la Hitchcock).
That will be some show...Good luck.
Again: some of your photos and some
of your poems are "it". RR

Tara said...

thanks!!! I still have a ways to go, before either writing dull articles or staging an exhibition, but thanks to you both for your kind suggestions.