Friday, August 22, 2008

Managing Mischief

One of my favorite quotes is from Einstein: "Always remember that in addition to 8 hours for work, there are also 8 hours for mischief."

Einstein of course developed his famous relativity theories while clocking hours at a low-level job in a patent office. The idea that you can work a sensible, stable job while concocting revolution in odd hours on scrap paper has always appealed to me.

Lately, though, my mischief hours have been disappointing. No startling space and time bending insights. No lyrical verse. Spotty record on the blogging front.

So I made a list of things I can do to revamp my mischief hours:

--buy a new poetry book
--study math on the subways
--date a cute guy
--start a new scribbling notebook

Let me know if you have any other ideas. I already know one thing: the new notebook is going to be pink. :)


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Tara said...

Sooo... I'm turning comment moderation on.

Anonymous said...

ten minutes in a quiet place away from everything where every day you concentrate on thinking about nothing. try it. it takes practice to get it right. it's hard.

my zen teacher (black belt aikido) taught me this many years ago when i was a little black bear....

"imagine that you are an empty vase- and your job is to stay empty so that flowers may be placed in you."

this ten minutes will change your life!

Tara said...

probembear--aww I really like that! Thank you!