Thursday, June 12, 2008

All About Op-Ed

Image via We Op-Ed

I've seen so much good writing since I started exploring the blogosphere. A new site that is putting this to great use is We Op-Ed. It's an interesting spin on the traditional opinion column in newspapers. The web is full of pieces that rival such articles, and it's a wonderful take on the genre to gather them in one place.

A great feature of We Op-Ed is that it seems be built in a way that makes it much easier for a new blogger and author to get noticed. On other blog-forums, technorati for example, it seems that only the heavyweights who have been around for a while have a chance of getting front-page attention. We Op-Ed by contrast has a variety of ways of bringing new articles to the forefront. For instance, it has a column for last article commented on and last article posted in addition to headlining the more prominent authors and most-commented-on posts.

The site's got a great taking-off feel right now and a supportive and interesting cast of contributors. I'm hoping to see some of the bloggers I've been following (see blog-roll to the left) op-eding on it.

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