Sunday, June 22, 2008

"It's always your lucky day"

Image via Legally Blonde in London

I've been having a dull and discouraging last couple days at work. But on my lunch break at Barns and Nobles today I found an article in Entrepreneur Magazine that gave me a bit of new vim. It's called "It's always your lucky day" by Barry Farber and contains the usual handshake, eye contact, and smile recommendations for how to succeed in business. Two pointers however stood out to me: "Find something about them that's interesting" and "put them in a better mood than when you found them."

I think I already do some of this unconsciously, because I find everyone under the sun (and their dog) to be interesting. But now I'm going to take it to a new level. From now on, everyone I work with in Special Occasion Dresses is not only going to be fitted with the most perfect dress possible, but are going to leave in a better mood with the affirmation that they are indeed an interesting person to work with. Also, I will continue to take time to pet their dogs. Yes, in case you're wondering, people bring along their chiwawas and terriers as they get fitted for their bridesmaid dresses.

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