Sunday, June 29, 2008

My God has a bigger Forehead than Yours

Image via Skeptic

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One of my favorite authors is acclaimed scientist and famous atheist Richard Dawkins. His latest book, The God Delusion, reads like a psychological thriller. An earlier book, Unweaving the Rainbow, sends me into paroxysms of poetic delight every time. On a scale of 1 to 10 of whether you will write a poem after reading his books, I bet you a 10. You should go buy them both now.

However whenever I do a google search on Dawkins to gather material for a seasoned, researched article, I keep getting distracted by one thing. The size of Richard Dawkins' forehead. Seriously. Refer to the pictures. I have never seen anything like it. It beats out the forehead of a typical religious practitioner by at least two or three times. I compared it to my own frontal lobe and came out a chastened and humbled being.

I think I will go now and and do worship on the alter of Rich-Ard Daw-Kins, in hopes that I may gain access to that divine region, His Front Fore-Head.

Richard Dawkins' forehead is so big it won't
even fit on the page:

Image via BBC Blogs

The Pope: Not even close.

Image via Katie Halper


Brita said...

It is huge! Very funny, I'll be back.

maiyastra said...

Haha, my research mentor has quite the dome too. Thanks for killing any hope I have of becoming a great scientist :P

But I thought you were anti-Dawkins. Whence this new conversion?

tara said...

Not anti-Dawkins, just don't think atheism's got the right focus going. Why obsess about the lack of God when there's sooo much out there?

tara said...

Also, I cross-posted this article in, which is a site you definitely should look into. And if you join, be sure to put me down as the referring member. I want to win the Amazon book prize for most members referred. :D

ArabidopsisGirl said...

I think Christine is the anti-Dawkins now. Anyway, this post is still cracking me up.

And yes, I caved and started a blog too.