Thursday, June 19, 2008

On The Edge of Love

Image via BBC News
There is a new film, The Edge of Love, which gives me an excuse to research a poet and post pictures of Keira Knightley. Dylan Thomas, the subject of the film, has puzzled me ever since I read a piece on him claiming that he was a popular poet merely. This puzzles me because I find his poem Fern Hill to be as daunting a piece as any. I tried to read it as a teenager and it always seemed like a closed book. Then one day I had an epiphany and got the most beautiful image and meaning out of it. Unfortunately shortly thereafter I forgot the epiphany and to this day struggle with Fern Hill.

What interests me as much as Dylan's poetry is the dynamic image he built up around himself. Especially, the way he harnessed his voice and the medium of radio to promote poetry. Having suffered through many poetry readings in New York City (poet clutches podium, reads in monotone without looking up) I could appreciate a bit of such promotion. Also, I enjoyed Keira Knightley's take on Dylan Thomas, in an interview about the film, where she stars as Thomas's childhood sweetheart and lover. According to Keira: "Dylan Thomas did s**g around but you look at pictures of him and he was no hunk. However, his poetry is extraordinary. He's a mischief-maker, a puck. He just wants to prod and see what happens." (via M&G People)

I am still unsure why Dylan shouldn't be considered a major poet and why his poems are read outside of the usually meager circle of poetry readers. But I do understand why Keira Knightley could come on to Dylan Thomas.

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