Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Auden and Blogging

I got a lovely little book by Auden at the library. The unfortunate thing is that I have not had the patience to read it. Was there ever a poet so bookish? Or so moved by dusty paintings in art history books? I know, I'm bookish, and an art history major. Auden's poetry should be like a charm to me. Okay I'll make one last sleepy attempt before midnight strikes.

...12:03am. I was searching for a little, easy Auden poem to round off this blog post with. But am not finding Auden easy or bloggable. I did find the reason I know Auden in the first place. His poem Unknown Citizen, from my old high school English anthology. The obedient citizen, "found by the Bureau of Statistics to be/ One against whom there was no official complaint....Was he free? Was he happy? The question is absurd: /Had anything been wrong, we should certainly/have heard."

But had the Unknown Citizen been living in this century, we actually would've heard from him, right? Every little foible, regardless of whether or not there was anything wrong. Cause he'd be blogging...

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problembear said...

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