Thursday, June 26, 2008

Poetry Bestiary

Image via The Aberdeen Bestiary

Modern life is great
You get to imagine,
All in one day,
What it took other cultures
Centuries to create.

I have a new idea for a poetry book. It's going to be a Bestiary of Animals, A-Z. It started with the Turtle poem below. Then I remembered I had written an O for Owl poem. So far, I have written 4 more animal poems, and am particularly happy with the "A" one, for which I invented an animal, the Argote. 6 down, 20 to go. If anyone has any favorite animals you want poems written about, or thoughts on the Bestiary idea, let me know! :)


maiyastra said...

Three ideas from someone who really, really ought to be mapping the phytochrome pathway instead of reading your blog:

1. I am on a crusade to remind people that we humans are animals too. Very much so. Why is it that we go to such lengths to hide, pretend, and disdain this fact away? Write a poem about the human animal, Homo sapiens sapiens.

2. Going with this idea of including animals people (and poets) forget about, how about some type of bug? There are hundreds of thousands of species to choose from.

3. Pidgeons flock in unnatural numbers across the Earth, concentrated in major cities. They have diversified beautifully in the absence of major predators. I'm sure there are a thousand ways to write about pidgeons.

Tara said...

GREAT ideas! Do I have a co-author?

maiyastra said...

Lolz, I have one tiger poem, an attempt to explore the extinction (or near extinction) of Siberian tigers from hunting and habitat destruction. Sabre-toothed tigers and tigers in general were a very real threat to humans for millenia. The roles of hunter and prey are reversed now. I expect my poetry would look primitive next to yours. I still think of a poem as "something short that rhymes" :)

tara said...

Yay, T for Tiger! And actually, "something short that rhymes" is usually considered to be a poem. :) May I see your tiger poem? Pleeese... And keep the animal ideas coming.

Anonymous said...

R for Rooster

Red Rooster was on top of the heap
watching his chickens galore
enforcing the pecking-order to keep
chaos and mayhem becoming a bore.

Proudly puffed up he was on top of
the world
Knowing to be the best of them all
When a dark cloud descended and
A claw,beheaded,that's how the tall
do fall.